Leave It to “Cleave”

Sometimes I think the Universe leaves breadcrumbs—if I’m paying attention.

When a former U.S Poet Laureate tells you what her favorite word is during a quick, book-signing conversation, you write that word down on a loose receipt in your bag. When one of your favorite authors uses that word on his podcast that you listen to on the way home from meeting said poet, you remember that word without fishing out that receipt. Then you look up the definition(s) of this word.

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Kindness Spreads

In the midst of political mud-slinging, news of violence, and bombardment of hate language, one woman, Sarah Bigler, took time to spread the word of kindness. She slowed down and took the time to witness and see patience, tolerance, and kindness in action.

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Meghan Barich
Can I Trust Myself?

For as long as I can remember, I seek guidance from external sources. And if I’m really honest, it goes beyond guidance. I look to others to tell me what I should do. I waffle, obfuscate, and surrender to others who I believe know better than me.

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Meghan BarichWriting
Commiserate or Elevate?

One woman opened up and said she was right where I was. But then she said, “The difference between you and me is that you actually like yourself.” I retorted self-deprecation without hesitation. In that moment, I wanted to hold onto the connection she and I just made—a connection at the bottom.

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