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What’s in a name?

In high school, I left a message with my friend Lee’s mother. I said, “It’s  Meghan. Please tell Lee that I called.” Lee didn’t call me back that day. We didn’t have cell phones or instant messages or email in those days. So I had to wait until the next day at school to inquire why I didn’t receive a returned call. Lee said that she only received one message that evening. Her mother told her, “Someone called and said, ‘It’s me again.'” My name is pronounced Meeghan, not Megan. Anyone can understand Lee’s mother’s confusion! Well, it took me a good thirty years to not be defensive about mispronunciations of my name. Better late than never.

Join me on a journey

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While I most definitely identify with my name, I am more interested in identifying with my True self—whatever that may be. I've always sought external validation for anything and everything I do. But that no longer serves me, so I'm setting out on a journey to the center.  Now, I'm no spiritual guru. I have no fancy certifications.  I've learned that sharing honest personal experience can be the best gift to give to anyone. I'm a writer and a seeker and hope to connect with other seekers on the path. Blessing to you all—we're exactly where we need to be for today.

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