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I know that my love of writing and the expressive arts is meant to help others.

Meghan Barich

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Meghan Barich

Founder of Muse & Meander


When it came to discerning inner wisdom, I lacked self confidence. I didn't even know how to trust my own innate love of writing. I doubted my skill and was attached to a perceived outcome of worth, such as getting published—external validation.

I had a big, gaping creativity wound. It wasn't until I reconnected with my deep connection to journaling that I started to heal that and to express myself for myself. I started to fall in love with writing all over again and jumped into studies at the Therapeutic Writing Institute to become a Certified Journal Facilitator and where I earned a certificate as a Journal to the Self® instructor. 

Now I know that my love of writing and the expressive arts is meant to help others, not cause myself anguish. Creative expression taps into our deepest knowing, and it is available to all.


We’ll get along because I ….

  • Believe that your dreams and desires are the biggest clues you need to craft your life

  • Trust that you have access to the same deep well of knowing and that infinite ways to access it exist for you

  • Experience has taught me that creative expression—like journaling, painting, and EFT Tapping—is the most powerful way for you to access our inner wisdom

  • Value play, adventure, connection, meaningful work, curiosity, and inclusion

  • Treasure the opportunity to help you access your inner wisdom in playful, insightful, and relatable ways.

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A daily journaling practice with a variety of techniques is the most powerful way to plug right into your inner wisdom and guide inspired action. And doing it with a community supports building and growing a sustainable daily practice.

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