Hi, I'm Meghan Barich

Conflict Resolution Coach for People Pleasers


I help folks reconcile the truth of who they are by resolving conflict—with others and within themselves—rather than be railroaded so that they create a life that expresses their most authentic sense of self.

What I'm most passionate about is ... helping folks reclaim their highest self—the part of you who embraces curiosity, play, and creativity to be conscious to the decision they make. I help folks build a new toolkit to stop people pleasing and start choosing and creating their own joy and satisfaction.

I used to rehash every conversation I had with folks—thinking of how I wished I’d shown up, how if I had my wits about me, I would have said “no.” I was so worried about managing other people’s perceptions of me that I piled one thing after another onto my plate. 

With 20+ years in sales, marketing, and advertising, I've known the stress of saying "yes" when I meant "no." I had become so attached the role I played in my career that I didn't even know what I really wanted for myself anymore. Then my body revolted with complete burnout from tap dancing, mask wearing—trying to be what I thought everyone wanted and needed me to be. I had to find a better way. I  walked away from my ad agency career without knowing what would come next. I took the big leap into the unknown, the void.

I understand how hard it can be to shift out of old familiar patterns into new possibilities. But I dug in to the inside work needed to remember myself and to choose myself. I embraced shadow work, therapeutic writing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), and art as ways to start to stop abandoning myself to please others.

My hard-earned professional skills alchemized with my intuitive healing nature have lead me to become a conflict resolution coach for people pleasers. 

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find Meghan getting lost in her journal—musing and meandering. Or collaborating with her partner, Anna, on their next painting, workshop, or camper adventure. They live in Indianapolis, IN with their dog, Livi, and cats, Chhaya and Willow … and often a litter of foster kittens.


We’ll get along because I ... 

  • Believe that when you speak your mind you will start to experience the real joy of living

  • Trust that you have access to the same deep well of knowing and that infinite ways to access it exist for you

  • Built a toolkit that has taught me that expression—like journaling, painting, and EFT Tapping, and conflict—is the most powerful way for you to access our inner wisdom

  • Value play, curiosity, connection, and self-inquiry

  • Treasure the opportunity to help you resolve the conflict that has kept you people pleasing for far too long

People Pleaser's Guide to Speaking Your Mind

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