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Hi! I'm Meghan Barich!


I help folks who crave a deeper connection with their inner wisdom to muse and meander with creative expression as an influence for inspired action and decision-making so that they can better trust and embody their own intuition.

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Creative expression taps into our deepest knowing, and it is available to all!

For as long as I could remember, I sought guidance from external sources. And honestly, it went beyond guidance. I looked to others to tell me what I should do. I waffled, obfuscated, and surrendered to others who I believed knew me better than I knew myself.

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How I Can Support You

Muse & Meander Community


A daily journaling practice with a variety of techniques is the most powerful way to plug right into your inner wisdom and guide inspired action. And doing it with a community supports building and growing a sustainable daily practice.

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1-on-1 EFT Coaching

If you’re looking to move beyond overanalyzing all the things, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) might be the perfect practice for you. It’s a powerful way to honor your interior world and experience big shifts in minutes.

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Live Events

I frequently host free live virtual pop-up events to capture the energy of any given season. This year I have established "devotion to connection" as my anchor phrase. 

These events are a way for me to live that out loud—in circle with you. 

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Meghan is a gifted guide and  facilitator. She has coached me to access my own inner wisdom some very trying times in my life. Her tapping and creativity coaching has helped me in more ways than I can count!

Anna Ruel

Artist & Tech Consultant


Sandy Kelly,

Therapist & Cookier

I have been able to show up for myself in ways that I didn’t know I could but always wanted to. I have continued to build self trust, confidence, and more flow with creativity! 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I signed up for Meghan’s journaling prompts, and they’re rocking my world! The prompts are on point - deepening and opening up the most important relationship in my life - the one with myself. It feels like a journey home, and it has been full of insight and helped me to cultivate more clarity in my mind and heart.

Jessica Hoffman, Operations Manager

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