Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.
— Mina Murray, Dracula

Upcoming Journaling Workshops

Even though journaling is a solo adventure within, there's great satisfaction in sharing its discoveries in community. In my circle, I know people who love journaling—it comes naturally to them. And I know many others who say, "I wish I knew how to journal but haven't a clue how to start." There's more than enough room for both sentiments in a journaling workshop. Through the Journal to the Self® workshop, we explore 18 different journal techniques to add color, perspective and dimension to your reflective writing. Ready to get started?

Spring Anew: A Journal to the Self® Workshop

Spring: when aliveness is everywhere. Discover the writer within you and explore personal growth, creative expression and life renewal. The Journal to the Self® workshop empowers participants with 18 journaling techniques to relieve stress, increase productivity and boost personal fulfillment and spiritual growth. Register today!


Plan a Private Workshop for Employees, Specialized Group or Church

The Journal to the Self® is easily customized for special applications and audiences. It also lends itself to collaboration with therapists, mindful movement instructors, artists, churches and specialized groups. Tailored curriculum for small businesses and corporate leaders available as well. Email <meghanbarich at gmail dotcom> to plan your custom workshop. 


Testimonials for Journal Workshops

Awesome experience! This workshop showed me a variety of techniques a novice like me could use in my personal journal. I was exposed to journaling methods that allowed me to express both positive and difficult feelings, ways to problem solve, and still others that allowed me to reach below the surface to find answers within myself. The individual writing coupled with the group sharing helped me developed a stronger connection with myself and the group.
— Gwendolyn Swartzentruber, workshop participant
I was both a participant and a staff member of other participants at the journaling workshop. The clients here are in the very early stages of recovery from alcohol and drugs. When we first announced the journal workshop there was some hesitation, “Ugh, another class” or “I hope we don’t have to write our secrets down, cause no way I will!” and “I hate writing.” Meghan helped to settle some nerves and set an atmosphere of excitement. The workshop was incredible on multiple levels; we had so many break throughs for multiple clients. Clients who have always hated writing now journal daily as a tool for their recovery, clients who were finally able to talk about painful times in their past through the techniques Meghan taught us. On a personal level I learned so much about journaling, I had only thought of it in one way and realized through this process there are many wonderful ways to journal and the ways it can help me was astounding! Our program recently received our state certification and we have set plans to incorporate Meghan’s class into our mandated curriculum!
— Sarah Fairless, Program Director, Our Brothers-Our Sisters Place
I loved the journaling workshop. It taught me that there’s more than just one way to journal. In fact there’s many ways. Some I like a lot more than others, but at least now I know about them.
— Spencer Harlo, workshop participant
I am not a open person. I don’t like sharing or expressing myself...but going to the journaling workshop opened me up. I was finally comfortable expressing myself through poetry.
— Tara Sanders-Griffie, workshop participant
When I first started the journal workshop I was a little hesitant. Once I started, I learned a new way of writing. I found the writer within. It was amazing. The different methods of journaling gave me the opportunity to open up my mind and put my thoughts on paper. My favorite was the Clustering technique.
— Stephanie Berry, workshop participant